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FRP (Fiber-glass Reinforcement Plastic) is a combination of fiberglass reinforcements and a thermosetting resin system.

This special millennium product has been used widely all over the world since it was introduced. As the human being move from the stone age through industrial revolution, FRP set to be the material of the future in this new millennium.

Resin Selection

Orthophthalic (GP)
Standard Color Pultruded Grating: Grey
Orthophthalic polyester resin mostly used for general purpose. Its low cost makes it popular in many outdoor general applications and in moderate corrosive environments such as walkways, drain covers, and irrigation applications, providing protection against corrosion compared to traditional metal gratings.

Isophthalic (ISO)
Standard Color Pultruded Grating: Grey
This is a premium grade polyester resin which provides good chemical resistance with high physical properties.

Isophthalic Fire-Retardant (ISO-FR)
Standard Color Pultruded Grating: Yellow
This is a premium grade polyester resin which meets ASTM E-84 Class 1 with flame spread index less than 25, and meets self-extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-635. This resin also achieved a Class 2 rating on BS476 Part 7, and a Class V0 on UL94.

Vinyl Ester (VE)
Standard Color Pultruded Grating: Green
This is a special novolac chemical resin system suitable for severe corrosion applications requiring better assistance to alkaline and acidic environments. It is an ideal choice in the harshest environments by withstanding the constant contact of a wide range of acids and caustics.

Phenolic (Ph)
Standard Color Pultruded Grating: Antique Brown, and Carbon Black
Phenolic grating has an exceptional level of fire performance and resistance to high temperatures. Phenolic grating are resistant to ignition and have extremely low level of flame spread when involved in a fire situation. In a fire situation, phenolic resin produces a relatively low amount of smoke at a relatively low level of toxicity.

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